Three Pillars Of Health

NeuroSolution is built around the 3 foundational Pillars of Health – Energy, Sensory, and Movement – all of which work together to provide the best and most effective treatments you can find anywhere.

Our protocol has been clinically proven to get real results. It is a completely pain-free method that combines neuroscience and cutting-edge technology for treating even the most severe patients….


In order to heal our body, brain and nervous system we first have to understand and implement strategies that will promote healing at our cellular level. Our cells need adequate energy stores in order to grow and replicate; without these basic needs healing can be stunted or never really have a chance to happen. Our NeuroSolution Methods start here by providing our cells the energy they need in order to heal and thrive.


Proper growth and maturation of our nervous system relies on our sensory systems being adequately stimulated. This stimulation fuels the systems in our body and brain and gives these various networks what they need in order to grow and mature. When our sensory systems are under stimulated our nervous system will be under integrated. Our sensory systems fuel our ability to move.


Movement is the ultimate expression of our nervous system. Our complex brain is the byproduct of the need to move in order for our species to survive. Movement is highly dependent on our energy stores and sensory systems to be able to carry out a properly coordinated effort to even do simple movement patterns.

Involuntary movements drive our vital systems like breathing, digestion and our heart beat. Voluntary movement is how we command and manipulate our world which allows us to create and bring meaning to life. Thought is considered “internalized movement” and is the by product of a properly fueled and driven movement system. Proper thinking is dependent on proper movement.

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