Dr Kyle Daigle


Dr. Kyle Daigle is a licensed chiropractor in the state of Louisiana and specializes in regaining neurological balance in his patients utilizing his expert knowledge in neurology and unique treatments which consist of a combination of Chiropractic, Low Powered Lasers, Vibration Therapy, Physiotherapy, Applied Kinesiology, and Clinical Nutrition. His specialized treatment protocols create pathways to send signals throughout the spinal cord to your muscles, joints, and spine without interference. ​ Dr. Daigle is the owner of Ultimate Performance Chiro and Rehab in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He works with numerous collegiate and professional athletes to help them achieve their maximum performance through his state-of-the-art treatment as well as with patients suffering from Neuropathy, Migraines, Strokes, Parkinson’s, Disc and Spinal Pain, Rotator Cuff Injuries, Post-Surgical Rehab, Weight loss, Spinal Cord Injuries, Muscle Weakness, Balance issues, Cerebral Palsy and more.


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