Dr Jeri LaVigne


Jeri LaVigne is an Educational and Health Psychologist and a Cyma Practitioner in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a graduate of Edwene Gaines’ Masters School and is a prosperity teacher specializing in goal setting, forgiveness, and meditation. For over 25 years, Jeri has been helping children and adults reach their goals by teaching them how to more fully process vital information and, through her Psychology of Cyma class, to help connect the spiritual, mental and emotional bodies. Emotions, thoughts, and feelings affect every aspect of our health, therefore, making an emotional balance an important part in developing and maintaining a healthy brain, a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. By using emotions as information rather than entities that overtakes our lives, we can develop and consistently have a strong body, mind, spirit connection that guides our lives in a healthier, more productive way. Over the past several years, Jeri has assisted in creating several non-profit organizations, such as Anatta World Health and Education and the Roosevelt Ashley Foundation, providing medical and educational programs and supplies to children in need around the world.


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